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Why did the Artist cross the Road

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Why did the Artist cross the Road

Granted I'm sure that many of you have heard this age old question before. Artists are often confronted by inquiring minds as to, "how they began to draw, paint, photograph, sculpt their work(s)". For some this is not difficult to answer. For others it may bring about no small amount of self searching, as to how becoming an artist fits into their lifestyle options.

I believe that entering into the mind set of an Artist is somewhat similar to preparing a sermon, by a preacher or spiritual leader. They both are called by an inner voice to direct their talents, gifts and messages to the world at large in the community they serve. I know this is a wide brush to paint with, so just bare with me ...okay?

As an Artist I don't just get up doodle around and conjure up any old thing to put before my audience. I give ample attention to the instincts within prior to making a "still life" photograph, or working on an Abstract Painting. I'm not all over the place doing a little bit of this and a dab of that, just to keep my heart beating. It's my life that's at stake here. I believe a conscientious pastor uses much of the same thinking, when preparing their weekly messages for the congregations they serve. They do it because they are called to the ministry.

Before I forget, Artists cross the Road, "Because they want to see what MONEY looks like". The same as some clergy people don't get paid, many artists don't do too well either. Let me know what you think.....


Elf Evans