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What do Artists and Rolls Royce salespeople have in Common?

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What do Artists and Rolls Royce salespeople have in Common?

To some the question may seem totally off the wall, or ring a bell of familiarity. With today's economy stretching the budgets, wallets, heart strings to the max there is only so much left for either of these professions. Take the car market for example, especially the high end realm, populated by the "Haves" who have expendable incomes. I'll just call them Art collector types.....for the record.

Now if you happen to be an artist, notice the small "a", then you happen to be aiming for some of the same market share as the "Fat Cats". In fact you might as well be selling shares in Gold Mines, Oil Wells, Condominiums on the Venice Canals because Art in not a necessity. Little kittens, I'll just call them everyday hard working folks, "need food, rent, water/power, transportation and tax money" before they jump on their skate boards.

So for the Artist entering into serious discussion concerning placement of their work(s) be advised that your major competitors are not other artists, rather yacht, rolls, corporate take over strategists, and a few Diamond Mine sellers. Face the facts, yours is a luxury item also. Treat it all for joy as you look around your studio, at the accumulated unsold items in your inventories, needing to be on some new walls.

So the answer to the question is not so distant from the reality of just who can afford what & why, we just want to know , When and Where.


Elf Evans