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I once gave a gift, in fact a "wedding gift" to someone that was not a big deal. You see the book was intended to call their minds back to the momentous day they sealed their vows. I mention it now because I was visiting with the now 'oldie weds' and discovered some freely given art works gathering dust in their jam packed garage, leaning against boxes of who knows what inside.

This particular book however, popped out at me not from the melange of stuff in the storage area, no car could fit inside the space. This book was perched among others on a shelf all to it's self. Unopened. Unread. Unfortunately not even talked about in past conversations.

Perhaps some of you artists have given art to people and they responded by acknowledging that fact, with thanks and well wishing. Family members usually at the head of the line for "Freebies", and other close freeloaders tending to want to know how much your selling something for, however, conveniently leaving their cash, checkbooks and hearts at home!

Okay! Back to the reason for this post...How many Christians out there have family members that suck up everything the news, next door neighbor, get rich snake oil merchant has to offer but leave their wedding presents untouched?

The Bible is the Gift that keeps on giving.

Elf Evans