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Gallery For Sale

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Gallery For Sale

I didn't think I had been there that long. Some folks were beginning to look at me strangely with my jeans baggy, shoes not so neat, face showing the need for a shave. My reason for being there was to offer my portfolio for sale, however the owner excused himself to let the people at the door inside. I seems they were all too eager to make a mad dash for the Potato Salad.

I had a strange feeling something was going on, beside art sales, in this place. As the owner returned he looked a bit odd to me, as though he was much older or perhaps even fatter, with more bags beneath his eyes and less hair. I certainly took this as a sign of how really tired I was. Who was I to know whether or not this was a good time or not to make the leap into fame and fortune. Most of my other friends had become overnight stars with their show stopping renderings. None of them were better artists, in my estimation, just more aggressive to put it lightly.

The owner of Zabadu Gallery had always told me to bring my work by for him to have a look see, yeah "A Look See" is what he said. As the undertaker was motioning for the stretcher cart to move into place, I felt more uneasy as my painting started to sneeze while belching, from being held so tightly under my arm pit. As a performance artist I had always believed in showing my best piece first, and helping my audience get the feel for my middle range stuff gradually, they way they taught in school. I saw the light go on above the toilet as the man wearing tails and top hat disappeared inside, as Mrs. Zabby was exiting.

Just as I was reaching out to ask her for information about the hearse outside, my painting sneezed again, causing the people at the table to wonder what on earth my reason could possible be for disturbing their night out, with such terrible body noises. Never mind the smoke coming from the restroom, the body being carted off on the gurney, and sirens screaming their approaches to this now soon to be sold art gallery!

As I reached over to silence the alarm clock and get my additional 10 minutes of snooze time, I smiled down at my dog Drifter, snugly placed beneath my arm pit.